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About Our Product

Despite going virtually unnoticed by its end-user, our zippers are guaranteed to rise to the occasion when it matters most. We hold our zippers in high esteem, understanding that the quality of our products reflects the standards of our company.

Since we purely specialise in the manufacture and supply of zippers, clients can be sure that we invest our time and passion into providing the best product. We choose to manufacture our own zippers ensuring high quality products consistently.

This means that all zippers are subject to close scrutiny and quality control as well as in-house testing methods.

The year 2000 saw an excessive amount of imported inferior quality zippers flooding the markets. These zippers, which found their way into large chain-stores, were prone to numerous defects and zipper failure. In light of this, major chain-stores and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) compiled and introduced th SABS 1822 - 2000 standards. These guaranteed the end-user the highest quality in zippers and peace of mind.

Speed Zipper commits itself to upholding and exceeding industry standards at all times. Through our quality testing machines customers are guaranteed products that are South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approved as well as ferrous and nickel-free on demand. We even have our own laboratory that undertakes colour matching to ensure precise results. Speed Zipper effortlessly supplies clients with a variety of zippers, namely: plastic, nylon and metal. Our team prioritises on providing quality products that comply with industry regulations.

Nickel Free Products

Nickel, which is excessively used as a finish for metal accessories, has been identified as the cause of skin allergies in approximately 10% of the world’s population. Speed Zipper commits itself to manufacturing nickel-free zippers on demand.

Anti-Nickel Restrictions

These accessories should not be chemically washed and dyed.
Nickel limit: 1ppm for baby wear / 4 ppm for othe textiles

Ferrous-Free Products

Speed Zipper provides customers with the option of ferrous-free products. These zippers are of superior quality and contain no iron.

Dye to Match

Based on minimum quantities, Speed Zipper will dye their zippers to match your requirements.